I perform consecutive interpreting, which is the most popular type of interpreting as it does not require any specialist equipment. Your speaker delivers a few sentences and then pauses whilst the Consecutive Interpreter repeats what has just been said in the target language.

The Consecutive Interpreter may interpret for the whole group or, as is becoming increasingly common, sit next to an individual and whisper what has just been said. Consecutive Interpreting can also be sworn interpreting. It takes place whenever a foreigner appears in state institutions such as a notary’s office, police station, court, registry office.

Interpreter’s work and payment conditions are as follows:

  • work time starts at the time the interpreter was asked to come for
  • all the breaks during the meeting or conference are included in the interpreter’s work time
  • the Client covers the interpreter’s travel, accommodation and board costs
  • the interpreter should be provided with auxiliary materials in advance to allow time to prepare properly. Preparation time is not charged for.

 Interpreting is accounted for on the grounds of four-hour time periods.

I have a lot of experience interpreting in sensitive and confidential situations.


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